Keeping your finger on the pulse.... Find out what you’re really capable of ! Our comprehensive 1:1 assessment evaluates your personal aspirations, physical strengths and weaknesses, training history, commitment and capacity for improvement. Tests may include body composition, core strength, endurance, lactic threshold and aerobic capacity etc. You will receive a comprehensive report highlighting any areas of concern which may need correcting in order to achieve your goals. Run faster for the same effort ! How to run faster for the same effort! We will analyse your running technique and show you how to improve your running efficiency as well as show you relevant running drills to aid you. "I don't think twice about asking my athletes to change their running style if I believe it to be "inefficient". -  Alberto Salazar, former World Marathon record holder and coach to Mo Farah, says he became the the victim of an awkward running style which, in keeping with the coaching orthodoxy of the era, he didn't change in case it led to career-ending injuries. Stop training so hard ! Know the purpose of every run! Training sessions should optimally improve various key physiological aspects. It's therefore important to do them at the correct intensity - too easy and you won't receive enough stimulus, too hard and you may, for example be improving your aerobic capacity rather than your lactic threshold. Also training harder than you need to may entail longer recovery times meaning that you may not be able to complete subsequent sessions correctly or when scheduled. One of the most accurate ways of training at the correct intensity is to use heart rate training zones using a heart rate monitor. We can advise on suitable makes and models and determine your personal heart rate training zones for you. N.B. simply using a formula or % of maximum heart rate or the zones that came with your watch could be doing your running more harm than good (THE ONLY ACCURATE WAY TO DETERMINE YOUR PERSONAL HEART RATE ZONES IS VIA TESTING). We are unique in that we also analyse your recent race data to improve the accuracy and eliminate any bad test results when determining your personal HR zones. You've heard it many times before -TRAIN SMARTER NOT HARDER!     "It is a common beginner's mistake to run repetitions too hard" - Pete Pfitzinger, Olympic marathoner and author of 'Advanced Marathon Training'.          Compete in the correct event ! Everyone has a unique speed-endurance profile; just because you can run distance 'A' in time 'B' doesn't automatically mean you can run distance 'X' in time 'Y' as some magazines would have you believe! Speed - Endurance Profiling (SEP) will not only determine your optimum race distance (which is a reflection of your genetics as much as the volume and type of training you are currently undertaking) but can be used to predict race results and plan pacing strategies for distances not normally run. Are you busy concentrating on improving your half-marathon time when you should really be competing in 800m races on the track? Why not find out? Peak when it matters ! If you want to perform at your very best when it really matters then you need a bespoke personal periodised training plan, tailored to achieve your goals and aspirations. Intensity and volume are optimised for you to produce the desired training effect. Too high a training volume can lead to fatigue and over-training, too little and you won't realise your true potential. N.B. plans take into account the results of your tests and initial assessment, and provide advice on race tactics, strategy, pace optimisation, how to warm-up and cool-down properly etc.         "Do the minimum amount of training necessary in order to achieve your goal" - Jack Daniels (voted Worlds best running coach). So you want to run faster?  Well you’ve come to the right place as we have the tools and techniques to help you realise your full potential ! For more information on our services please email us at , we look forward to hearing from you. Health and Fitness Consultants mobile:    0789 1322975 email